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You Will Definitely Fancy This Early Look At The Galaxy S22 Ultra

Fancy a peek at a concept render for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Of course you do. Because who doesn’t enjoy seeing the possible design of an upcoming flagship device? Product leaker Steve H. McFly on Twitter, also known as OnLeaks, posted shots of the Galaxy S22 Ultra earlier this morning. The images area joint post between OnLeaks and Digit.

Keep in mind this is just a render. Not a finalized product shot that comes directly from Samsung. Having said that, this give users a good idea of what the phone may actually look like. OnLeaks describes it as unique when referring to the camera array. And the design is, unique indeed.

This Galaxy S22 Ultra render has an interesting rear camera setup

Based on the render images, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks a lot like the design was inspired by the Galaxy Note 20 series. This even includes a slot for the S Pen in the bottom. Which isn’t too surprising now that Samsung is rumored to be considering dropping the Note series and making the Galaxy S series the new device for the pen tool.

Where the design takes a bit of a strange turn is the rear camera array. It mostly looks the same as on the current Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices. Except the empty corner where there were no camera or LED flash sensors has been essentially lopped off. And the array takes on a sort of “P” shape.

While it doesn’t look as uniform, it does sort of make sense? The bottom right corner of the camera array on current devices is just empty space. So it’s not really being used to house anything. In which case, why have it right?

The renders also show the phone in at least two colors. One black and one that appears to be more of a light purple or blue color. The post also mentions dimensions of the device, which note that the phone will measure 163.2 x 77.9 x 8.9mm. Though that could of course always change between now and the phone’s official release. Especially since Samsung hasn’t announced anything yet.


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