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Samsung’s New Foldable Smartphone Design Has An S Pen Dock

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone design actually has an S Pen dock. That is one major thing missing from the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The device does support an S Pen, but you can’t dock it. You need to buy a case for the device, that includes a space of the S Pen.

That is not the most fortunate solution by Samsung, even though it’s an understandable one. Samsung users are hoping the company will find a way to include a dock in its future foldables, though.

This foldable smartphone design has an S Pen dock, unlike the Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Note series offered a dock for the S Pen, and it makes things very convenient. Losing the S Pen is much harder that way, and you always have it with you, wherever you go.

The design in question is showing a brand new foldable smartphone, actually. This design has been trademarked by Samsung, and found by Letsgodigital. It was spotted at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

As you can see in the provided image above, we’re looking at a tablet-sized foldable here. What’s interesting here, is that one-third of the phone folds towards the back. This thing does not fold right down the middle.

You’ll clearly see the space for the S Pen on the back. If we had to guess, we’d say that the S Pen is using magnets to stay docked, when you place it there.

One part of the display is exposed when the phone is folded

The downside of this design is that a part of the phone’s foldable display is exposed on the back when the phone is folded. This device actually comes with one display, not two like the Z Fold 3.

There are also two cutouts on the display, as you can see. Those two cutouts are placed in the top-right corner, and they’re there for the phone’s cameras. What’s interesting here is that those are the only cameras on the device.

It’s interesting that a more robust camera system is not placed on the back. It can be added, though, this doesn’t have to be a final design, of course.

Samsung trademarks a ton of designs, constantly, so just because this one got trademarked doesn’t mean it will become a reality. In fact, chances are it won’t. We don’t really see Samsung using this design in an actual product. Letsgodigital does hint the phone could be called the Galaxy Flex Note, though that’s just a guess.

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