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Marvel Future Revolution: Everything You Need To Know

Netmarble’s latest game, Marvel Future Revolution, just released on August 25 officially. It’s the first open-world Marvel game on mobile devices, and is the follow-up to Marvel Future Fight. There are some similarities between both games.

For the most part though, there’s a ton of changes. So we’re putting together a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the game prior to its launch and beyond. The thing to keep in mind here is that we’re working with a preview build. So, with that said, things that we’ve been experiencing with the game are subject to change.

Netmarble has made it pretty clear that this build may differ in some way from the official version of the game. However, we don’t expect much to change from the way it is now. We will however update the post regularly as new need-to-know information comes up. Now, let’s jump into it.

What is Marvel Future Revolution?

Marvel Future Revolution Costumes

This is an open-world action RPG from Netmarble. You’ll play as a collection of heroes with Omega Flight (it’s similar to S.H.I.E.L.D.), defenders of earth who are trying to stop multiple earths from converging and causing cataclysmic damage.

Not only is the game open-world, allowing for much more exploration, but it’s also multiplayer. So you can play with friends.

When is Marvel Future Revolution releasing?

Netmarble officially released the game on August 25 of this year. Which means you can finally dive into the game and start defending earth as one of your favorite Marvel super heroes.

What platforms will Marvel Future Revolution be on?

Marvel Future Revolution will be releasing on mobile devices running on the Android and iOS platforms.

Will the game have cross-play?

Yes, Marvel Future Revolution will support cross-play. Netmarble has confirmed that Android and iOS players can play with friends on opposite platforms as long as they’re on the same server. So go ahead and convince your buds to check the game out with you. You’ll probably have more fun.

How many heroes will there be?

Marvel Future Revolution

At launch the game will have eight playable heroes. This includes Spider-Man, Storm, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, and Captain Marvel. It’s likely that Netmarble will launch more playable heroes in the future. But for now players are limited to these eight.

Netmarble says it can’t comment on specific heroes or villains. It has also said that “the goal is to include new and exciting storylines directly inspired by the Marvel Universe so that everyone has a chance to see their favorite characters in action.” So while there are no specifics, players should expect more of their favorite characters to show up at some point down the line.

Does Marvel Future Revolution have micro transactions?

This is a free-to-play game, so yes. There are some micro transactions to monetize it. In the preview build we played, this was a little more limited, mostly to the purchase of Crystals, which are the game’s premium currency. You can use these to buy things like a Squad Name Change Kit, Hero Slot Expansion Tickets, a Monthly Costume Bundle and more.

You can acquire Crystals from gameplay, but not often. So you’ll have to spend some money if you want access to some of the cosmetic and boost items.

Costume Collection

A big part of the game is costume collection. This adds a level of replayability for players, as it gives them more things to strive for. And due to the nature of how many costumes there are across eight playable characters, there’s a lot of unique combinations. As you can mix and match the four costume pieces.

This includes various costume designs, as well as colors for each design. As an example, Spider-Man has 15 different costumes. And each of those costumes has seven variations, each one based on a different color scheme. Also worth noting is that this is just for the costumes that are currently in the game. Expect Netmarble to add more post-launch and throughout the lifecycle of the game.

Costume collection aesthetics

Marvel Future Revolution 1 2

The first thing to know about the costumes in this game is that they change the look of your character. This is the aesthetic side of things which will drive some players to work at collecting as many different looks as they can. Whether for their favorites, or every character they have.

But the costumes do more for you than just change up your style. So it’s worth knowing about that too as it can play a big role in gameplay.

Costume collection functionality

Marvel Future Revolution 2 2

In addition to changing up styles, the costume pieces you collect can also be equipped. Some costume pieces will have better stats than others. For example, I have Spider-Man equipped with the Spider-Punk costume set. But for the gloves I have a better piece of gear from a different costume set equipped, called the All-New All-Different Web Shooter.

This gives me the improved stats of the All-New All-Different Web Shooter. But the costume still shows the Spider-Punk design. It’s important to know this so you can style your character with the costume design you like, while equipping the costume gear with better stats. Think of it sort of like a transmog system.

Are there any rewards for consistent players?

Expect to get a lot of free stuff in this game. Like many F2P titles there will be a daily login event that rewards you with various items just for logging in to play daily. There’s also a 14-day check-in event that will give you even more rewards, like gold, crafting and upgrade materials, and more.

There’s also going to be a series of other events that are continually rotating that will give you more items. Fury’s Secret Mission is one such event that will end in just under 22 days. And if you complete all the corresponding quests prior to the end, you’ll get 300 crystals, the premium currency.

Also worth noting is that each quest will have its own reward associated with it. Some of these are more gold, some are more crafting materials. But it’ll all be useful, especially early in the game.

What is the gameplay like in Marvel Future Revolution?

Gameplay is just like you’d expect from an Action RPG on mobile. Freedom of movement of your character with a series of buttons on-screen for your equipped attacks.

As you complete story missions and other content, you can level up your character and unlock more skills and abilities. As well as increase your stats. You can only have five equipped abilities at any given time. So once you unlock more than five, make sure to choose the ones you have the most fun with. Though sometimes it might be prudent to pick whatever is going to be the strongest for a particular encounter.

Abilities can also be upgraded to become stronger, and doing this will cost gold, which you acquire from just about any activity.

There are various other modes available beyond the main story campaign. Including Blitz mode, the Arena, Most Wanted, Raids, Battle Challenges and more. The Arena will be PvP-based and feature three modes, which are Omega War, Dimensional Duel, and Dark Zone.

Other collectables

In addition to collecting costumes, players can also collect a variety of different items throughout the game. Battle Badges and Omega Cards are two of the more important ones. As you can equip these for enhanced stats.

There’s also a set of collectible items that don’t do anything for you once collected, but collecting them does reward you with different in-game items that you can use.

Utilize the How To Become Stronger tool tip

Marvel Future Revolution 2 4

When you hit the menu button, this is where you can access everything from your heroes to your squad to the different operations (game modes). This menu also houses things like the settings and your friends list.

In the bottom part of the menu there’s also a button labeled How To Become Stronger. Don’t be afraid to use this button from time to time if you’re in need of a power boost and aren’t sure how to get it. It won’t always have recommendations for you. But it can’t hurt to check if you’re stuck and can’t figure out how to get the power you need.

Marvel Future Revolution has a Sleep Mode – don’t shy away from it

Marvel Future Revolution 1 4

It can’t be understated how useful the Sleep Mode feature is. If you’re sitting down for a long play session but something comes up, because that’s life and you probably have other responsibilities, the sleep mode is your best friend.

It puts the game into a low-power state but keeps you connected to the servers. At least in every situation where I personally used it. By doing this, you ensure that you don’t lose your game session. It also helps to draw less power from the battery in your device as it’s not really using many resources.

It’s sort of like a pause button. You should be able to use this in missions as well, but we haven’t tested it mid-battle or anything. However, if you’re in the middle of a mission and not currently engaged with enemies, this should serve as a nice tool to keep the game connected without killing your battery if you need to step away for a bit.

Case in point, I often had the game in sleep mode when writing up this guide.

How open-world is the game?

There’s a fair bit of exploration available, so it’s pretty open-world. But not on the scale you might think. The world of the game is broken up into different regions like New Stark City, the Hydra Empire and more, which you can access from the World Map.

Each region is also broken up into smaller sectors. New Stark City for example has the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. sector, which is one of the first areas you travel to. It’s not tiny but it’s also not extremely large. You can see an image of the sector map above.

Basically, each region is pretty big, but it feels smaller since they’re broken up into sectors and each sector is a lot smaller. It also feels a little less open-world because you can’t simply travel around the whole world map on foot like you can with most open-world games.

You have to first pick a region, then pick a sector. Also worth noting is that certain sectors are locked behind gameplay progression. So you won’t be able to explore everything right away.

Once you’ve loaded into a sector, you can move around the map and pick up side quests, main quests, and talk to NPCs. So you won’t just be launching missions from the Omega Flight HQ.

Does the game have an auto-play feature?

Marvel Future Revolution 2 7

Yes. There is an auto feature that you can turn on in numerous situations. Both when needing to move to a new point of interest or quest turn-in, and even in battles. But using it is completely optional, and it may even be super useful from time to time.

Auto features are nothing new in the mobile game space, and it’s far less noticeable in Marvel Future Revolution as you can basically go through the whole game without ever touching it. Outside of the tutorial where you’re introduced to it of course.

Is there a chat feature?

Marvel Future Revolution 7

There sure is. You’ll find a chat button (more of an area on-screen) towards the bottom of the UI and in the center. Tapping on this area, which is also labeled, will bring up the chat window. There’s also different sections for chat, like world chat and personal messages with friends. And you can filter chat to just one or two of the options specifically.

In addition, you can block certain people and groups so you don’t see their messages. Since the game hasn’t officially launched yet, the chat isn’t exactly bustling. But it definitely will be once more players get their hands on the game.

You get character loadouts!

Ok, so there’s only a few loadouts per character. But this is better than not having any loadouts at all. Your loadout will consist of your battle badges and your costumes.

So once you have enough stuff to fill out a couple of loadouts with different sets, you can flip between these to suit your situation.

Apply titles to give your character some unique flair

Marvel Future Revolution 4

Once you get through some of the gameplay, you’ll start to acquire titles you can apply to your character. You will see this feature a lot in MMOs. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and others currently offer it.

Just like in those games, Marvel Future Revolution has loads of different titles you can apply, and other players will see that title when you’re in any of the multiplayer areas. In all there are currently 103 titles you can collect. With varying conditions that need to be met for it to be added to you collection.

Does Marvel Future Revolution have cooldown timers?

Only on your abilities, it seems. Unlike some games, there does not appear to be any sort of energy system used for missions or gameplay. Meaning you won’t have a finite amount of missions you can do until your energy recharges. Keeping this in mind, this observation is based on a preview build. So this could always change for the final release version. Though we’d be surprised if Netmarble decided to add it.

How do party invites work?

There are a few ways you can invite people to join your party for multiplayer. Obvious methods include sending invites out to friends or alliance members. But you can also send invites to nearby players. So if you’re out in the open world and other players are around, the game will let you invite them.

Lastly, there’s an option for finding players, where you simply type in the Squad Name of the player you’re trying to invite or send a friend request to.

And that’s the rundown of Marvel Future Revolution. If you still haven’t pre-registered, you can do so by clicking the link in the section at the top of this article where we talk about the release date.

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