Best gaming mouse 2021: the best gaming mice we’ve tested

Elevate your PC gaming experience with the best gaming mouse. After all, while you can have the most powerful gaming PC on your desk, you’ll never have the smoothest and most immersive experience without top-notch peripherals. And, having a great mouse designed for gaming is a good start.

Whether you’re playing the most demanding PC games or the easier free titles, excellent gaming mice will more than just meet your pointing and clicking experience. They’ll come with better sensors, customizable and remappable buttons, faster polling rates, and a wider DPI range. Many also come with fantastic features that only improve your gaming experience, from RGB lighting to weight adjustment.

Get the most out of your gaming sessions by upgrading to a better mouse. To lend you a hand, we gathered the best gaming mice we’ve tested, including our price comparison tool as well to help you score the best mouse deals.

The Roccat Burst Core proves you don’t need to spend a lot for the best gaming mouse. (Image credit: Roccat)

1. Roccat Burst Core

Cheap price, premium body


DPI: 8,500

Features: Solid honeycomb shell, Titan optical switch, 35G acceleration

Reasons to buy

+Extremely lightweight+Premium build

Reasons to avoid

Rigid cable

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