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Athula Adikari

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1. Aalen Wela Ganna - Athula Adikari And Samitha Mudunkotuwa.mp3

2. Adara Sithin Ma Thaniwune - Athula Adikari.mp3

3. Adare Hade Howa - Athula Adikari.mp3

4. Adare Hade Ruwa - Athula Adikari.mp3

5. Adare Sithe Kalamba - Athula Adikari.mp3

6. Anda Manda Sanda - Athula Adikari And Samitha Mudunkotuwa.mp3

7. Andurata Lowa Huru Wunata - Nelu Adikari And Athula Adikari.mp3

8. Anna Sudo Ara Pata Wala - Samitha Mudunkotuwa And Athula Adikari.mp3

9. Anthurium Malak Pipila - Athula Adikari.mp3

10. Atha Lokayen Gena - Athula Adikari.mp3

11. Boho Kalak Oya - Athula Adikari.mp3

12. Dahasak Mal Pipila - Athula Adikari And Samitha Mudunkotuwa.mp3

13. Daiwaye Saradamin - Athula Adikari And Samitha Mudunkotuwa.mp3

14. Dan Ithin Wena Kumak Karannada - Athula Adikari.mp3

15. Dansal Langa Polinwala - Athula Adikari And Samitha Mudunkotuwa.mp3

16. Dewatha Eli Se - Athula Adikari.mp3

17. Eka Dawasak Handawaka - Athula Adikari.mp3

18. Eka Heenen Pena Bala - Athula Adikari.mp3

19. Gewi Yannata Kaliyen - Athula Adikari.mp3

20. Guru Para Digata - Athula Adikari.mp3

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