This Alienware ultrawide monitor at CES 2022 makes me happy that mine is dying

CES 2022, just like any other year’s giant tech event, has no shortage of gaming monitors. You’ve got the new Alienware AW3423DW, an OLED ultrawide display that simply looks stunning, and then there’s something like the Samsung Odyssey Ark, an absolutely huge display that would encompass your entire field of vision. 

Both of these monitors are exactly the type of display that I would have on my desk at home. However, unlike previous years, which have no doubt seen plenty of awesome displays, I’m actually going to be on the market for a new gaming monitor here in a couple of months – so I’m just happy that there are some really cool new ones this year. 

AOC Agon monitor on a desk playing battlefield

My current monitor. Well, this is from the review, so not mine, but you get it.  (Image credit: Future)

All good things come to pass 

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