The Play Store Adds “Your Devices” Menu To Search Results

Google is working on making it easier to search for apps for all of your Google devices. Well, according to 9To5Google, the company silently added a Your Devices menu to your search in the Play Store. This makes it easier to see which apps are compatible with your Google devices.

You can already install apps remotely

Recently, Google added the ability to remotely download apps to your devices from the app’s page. If you have an Android TV device or a Wear OS smartwatch connected to your Google account, you’ll have some extra options.

Next to the Install button, there will be a drop-down menu where you can choose to install the app on your other devices, remotely. That’s a lot easier than navigating each device’s respective app stores.

However, the Your Devices menu makes the process even quicker

If you type in a search inquiry in the Play Store, then you’ll see a new drop-down menu available. This menu will show you the other devices connected to your Google account. If you go to the menu and select another device, the results will change to only those that are compatible with that.

This makes the process even easier when you want to install an Android app remotely. Instead of going to the actual app, all you’ll have to do is type in the search and select your device. There’s no telling when Google added in this feature. The company sneakily added it in sometime within the last few days.

If you don’t see this menu on your phone, then it might still be rolling out to devices. I found this feature on my Pixel 6, but it might vary from phone to phone.

In Other Google News: Google Translate is getting Material You on older devices

Google has been reskinning its apps and giving them the Material You design. Most of them have gotten the change, but there are some that are still being updated. While Google Translate has been updated on the Pixel 6 phones, it kept its old design on older Pixel phones.

Now, Google rolled out the change to Google Translate on older Pixel devices. Since Android 12 is compatible with Pixels as old as the Pixel 3, it’s trickling down to those phones.

You see the all-around rounded aesthetic with the bubbly buttons. Also, its color scheme will match your wallpaper if you have Dynamic Color enabled. The app will have an overall cleaner look to it than the older app. The buttons are bigger and most of the screen is used up by the text field.