This app brings HomeKit widgets right to your iOS home screen

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing Home Widget for HomeKit, and it’s become an app that I’ve started to use daily. If you want quick access to all your HomeKit accessories without needing to launch the app or go to the control center, keep reading to learn more.

I am not sure why Apple hasn’t built-in HomeKit access to the iOS home screen, but Home Widget solves the problem for me. You can add small, medium, or large panels for almost any combination of HomeKit access. Functionality includes individual accessories, scenes, or groups of accessories. When I first got access to it, I immediately added a widget for my August Lock in case there are times when the auto-unlock fails or if I need to manually open it without launching an app.

The widgets include a host of customization options including color, background, transparency, blur, etc. If you like to access HomeKit on your iPad as well, Home Widget includes built-in iCloud sync so all your created widgets will be available on all your devices. Home Widget maintains the status of accessories, just like in the iOS Control Center, so if a lamp is on the widget is bright, if it is off the widget is dark.

Home Widget is available as a free download, and full functionality is unlocked with a $.49/month subscription or a one-time unlock of $9.99. Check out the video below to learn more about how it works.

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